55' H2 Obstacle Course

55' H2 Obstacle Course Fun Adventure Challenge with Dual Slides


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Setup Area: L: 57' x W: 13' x H: 15'

Actual Size: L: 55' x W: 11' x H: 15'

Outlets: 2

Age Group: 10-18


NEW FOR 2024

55' H2 Obstacle Course 

The 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D) is one of its kind, because of the very unique and compact architectural design. Feast your eyes on the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D) as it packs a lot of exciting and cool features. The kids would start of with a crawl, squeezing their way to enter the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D). Then they will be greeted with pop-outs and other obstacle logs as they find themselves in the obstacle area of the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D). After making their way through the challenging obstacles, they will encounter a mini wall climb inside, and finally a mini slide as the finisher. The 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D) is vibrant yet modern color themed. The 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D) is a complete and fun obstacle course. We have set up the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D) in backyards, front yards, side yards, gardens, fields, acres of land, company events, offices, facilities, schools, churches, chapels, parking lots, and many other places! We can set up on grass, concrete or cement, dirt, soil, turf or artificial grass, indoor gym, carpets, and on almost every surface that's conducive for an inflatable. What are you waiting for? Grab the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D) today and experience a wonderful event!


Features of the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (Wet and Dry): 

The 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D) offers the following features:

  1. 2 Sets of Entrance Crawls
  2. 2 Sets of Pop-Out Obstacles
  3. 2 Lane Track with Entries and Exits
  4. Common Wall Climb
  5. Slide and Landing

When renting the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D) you need to:

  • CHECK THE DIMENSIONS (see above) of the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D) if you have enough space in your planned setup area.
  • If BACKYARD: gate or a fenceshould be at least 5 ft. WIDE(no exemptions), to wheel in the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D)
  • Alley or pathway leading to setup area should have NO OBSTRUCTIONS whatsoever, for the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D)
  • The needed ext. cord for the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D), is a heavy-duty3-pronged, gauge 10 or 12, & can handle a 1.5-2 HP blower.
  • For Grass setup surface, kindly make sure you have no pipes or sprinklers that could possibly be hit during setup and takedown. Either you select an option with sandbags (cement/ sprinkler sandbag/artificial grass) or mark the ground with flags so that our set up crew would be guided on where it is safe to stake the unit to the ground. Party Daddy will not be held responsible for any damages.
  • Since this is a Wet / Dry (W/D) unit, this can be used with water.
  • If winds are over 15mph, we won't be able to set up the 55' H2 Obstacle Course (W/D) as it is too dangerous

*** Important Reminder: All our inflatable obstacle courses would require a 5 ft. wide entrance as we would need to make sure it fits right thru your gate or fence or door when we deliver.


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